Liberty Solar Heat Purlin

These patent pending solar purlins are available to purchase individually or a machine to make these is also available.

Machinery to make your own solar purlins are available in
either portable, job site machines or in factory automatic machines.

Liberty Solar Roof Purlin
Creates Hidden Roof Solar Collector

We have applied for patents on a new machine designed to make every roof a solar collector.

In utilizing the energy from the sun by collecting it and turning it into useable energy, the most efficient process is to collect the heat (thermal energy) from the sun. Even using our high efficiency heat tube systems, the cost is high and payback will be 5 - 10 years for many applications. Here at Liberty we have been researching and designing new machines for many years. From our very first downspout machine to the many machines that have followed we have always sought to bring COST EFFECTIVE solutions that can be readily used by contractors and installers of systems.

In our quest to provide the most cost effective solar system, we have a new machine that can be used to capture the heat absorbed by an entire roof system. Even in our northern Pennsylvania, we know that roofs collect a lot of heat. In the summer, roofers start early in the morning, and if they are laying asphalt shingles, they need to be off the roof by noon or the shingles get so hot that they can burn their hands or ruin the surface of the shingles.

Until now, contractors had no choice... they had to install the roof and then later add a costly solar system. Now we have a new machine that can make any roof a solar collector with very minimal cost on a new roofing job. It can be used on steel, steel r-panel, standing seam, tile, and even asphalt shingles. Our roll-former can make a solar roof purlin that allows pex tubing to be quickly be put in place.

The heat that is captured on sunny days can assist in heating water, heating a building with radiant in-floor heat, or even cooling a building with a cooling tower to take the energy collected and drive an air conditioning unit.

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