Tires To Oil

1. Environmental protection: Manufacturing the whole set of device is carried out in an environment of no exhaust, thus the device has excellent safety and environmental protection property.
2. Safety:This series of equipment has explosion-proof safety equipment and a pressure alarm device. When some problems occur in the system, we can ensure the safety of the whole system.
3. High disposal capability: This device has rapid and applied feeding and tapping system, the maximum feeding capacity reaches to 20 tons per 24 hours per day.
4. High automation degree: It just needs 2 people to operate the whole production line. We have as an option PLC control for our lines.


There are two basic systems of Tire Reclamation (or plastic)  into Carbon Black and Tire Oil: Intermittent and Continuous.

The tire oil can be further distilled down to diesel fuel (This diesel is higher in carbon than normal diesel and should be mixed with commercial diesel for long-term cleanliness of diesel engines and eliminate any carbon build up in an engine. 

We are producing three kinds of machine as following:

1.  Waste Tire and Plastic Pyrolysis Machine, 

2. Waste Oil Distillation Machine and 

3. Carbon Black Processing Machine. 

There are two systems in the Pyrolysis machine, first is the continuous system with the capacity ranges from 12 tons to 20 tons per day, the second is the batch system with the capacity ranges from 5 to 8-10 tons per day.The capacity of Distillation machine ranges from 6 tons to 100 tons. And the capacity of Carbon Black Processing machine ranges

from 1 tons to 8 tons. 


With Tires: There are 4 final products in total: 

42-45% oil in oil storage tank,(20 ton machine will produce about 2000 - 2500 gallon/day)

35% carbon black from auger for taking out carbon black (20 ton, 

10% waste steel, 

8-10% recycled gas which will be burned in burner for pryolysis . 

Main process description

• We will send the tire pieces after shredding to reactor (No. 2) via feeding conveyor.

• The tire pieces will be feed into Item No.2 rotatable reactor through Item No.15 spiral feeder which can feed the tires automatically in high temperature in order to make the best use of heating energy 

• We will start heating in Item No.1 burner room when feeding is finished. And the hot air from burner room will go through the channel between reactor and Item No.3 casing for heating the machine quickly and safely.

• The oil vapor will come out from reactor to manifold when the temperature inside reactor rise up to 150-380℃ (Input: tire pieces; Output: oil vapor 97%, water vapor 3%)

• The oil vapor will be separated into light oil vapor and heavy oil in manifold. The light oil vapor will go to  condenser for oil for cooling first and then become liquid tyre oil which is stored in Item No.8 oil storage tank. Meanwhile, the heavy oil will go to Item No. 6 heavy oil tank for storing. (Input: oil vapor and water vapor; Output: heavy oil 3%-5%, light oil 42-45%, water 3% )

• The light oil vapor will become liquid tyre oil and recycled gas which cannot become liquid oil after cooling but can be recycled for heating the machine. The recycled gas will be cleaned in Item No.9 hydroseal first and sent to Item No.1 burner for heating the machine. It cannot be burned completely in burner room sometimes, so it will be send to Item No.15 burner for combustible gas for burning.(Input: recycled gas; Output: CO2, H2O)

• The carbon black will be taken out automatically and full-closed by Item No. 17 spiral device for taking out carbon black after oil finish coming (Input: tire; Output: 35% carbon black)

• The whole process is heated by hot air produced from burner room and driven by Item No.13 draft fan. The hot air from casing after heating reactor will be cooled by Item No.12 condenser for flue first and cleaned by Item No.14 dedusting device and then released to the air. (Input: all kinds of fuel; Output: depends on the fuel we are using.

Distillation Line: The capacity of Distillation machine ranges from

6 tons to 100 tons depending on size of machinery ordered.

If you order 20 ton per day system oftire recycling you will need a 10T system.

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