Liberty Vertical Wind Generation

"A Better Energy Solution for a Better Future."

Vertical Wind Generator Systems have the following advantages:

1. They are more efficient that horizontal.
2. They are quieter than horizontal turbine systems.
3. They are more cost effictive with systems starting at under $12,000 !

Our Vertical Axis Small Wind Generation Systems

Vertical systems use a gear box to adjust the generator's rotatioin according to different wind speeds, which keeps he generator running at the rated speed. It automatically will track the wind.

We set rectangular blades that keep most of the blades always in the wind. When strong winds are blowing, the blades will open just like and opened book.

The vertical axis connects directly to the generator to protect the wind generator from vibration. The freestanding tower is hot dip galvanized to give it a longer service life.

We have two models: 3.5kw and 5.5kw

3.5kw: $13,594 (call for wholesale pricing)

5.5kw: $18,055 (call for wholesale pricing)

(Shipping is extra)

These systems have a start wind speed of about 6 mph (2.3m/s) and can work up to 56 mph wind speed (25m/s). The large blades are made of stainless steel material. There is a galvanized wind tower that is optional 26 feet high (3kw) or 32 feet high (5kw).

These systems are rated to generate up to 30kwh or 50kwh per day respectively.

Their cost and low noise (40 db or 45 db) make them unique in their field.